The Singapore Building Carbon Calculator is an embodied carbon calculator for the built environment industry of Singapore developed by the Digital Built Environment team at JTC Corporation with Katto Studios from the capacity of the Centre of Excellence for R&D in innovation, safety, and construction productivity. It is developed in collaboration with the Building and Construction Authority and Singapore Green Building Council. The SBCC is built upon the unified Building Embodied Carbon Calculator (BECC) developed by JTC Corporation, NUS-ESI, BCA, and SGBC.


JTC Corporation partnered with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) to commission the National University of Singapore - Energy Studies Institute (NUS-ESI) to create a new Building Embodied Carbon Calculator (BECC) tool that is customized for local industry use, and includes features such as accounting for the upfront carbon of materials used and adapted carbon emission factors to reflect the carbon footprint of projects within the local context. The calculator aims to provide the Singapore Built Environment industry with a unified tool to make informed decisions on material and product selections.

Taking into account Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) from various Program Operators, latest green assessment methodologies, localizing factors to the Singapore context, and applying Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) to fill in the gaps, the BECC sets out to help account for embodied carbon footprint of projects for use under the Code for Environmental Sustainability of Buildings (Edition 4.0) and the Green Mark 2021 Whole Life Carbon section.


Product team contributors to the SBCC prototype

Bryan Ong Wen Xi

Product Lead @ JTC Corporation


Ryan Tan

Lead Engineer @ Katto Studios


Nikki Yong

Product Manager @ JTC Corporation


Tan Tiong Guan

DevOps Engineer @ Katto Studios


Illustrations from Build Your Own Singaporean